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New Website Works but the Old Site Ranks Better in Google Search

Congratulations on your new website. I'm sure it looks fresh and mobile friendly. But... you told someone to Google it and they can't find it. Yeah, that can happen. Lets go over why and how a 301 Redirect can improve your page rank immediately. 

Giving Google Authority to a different website

Your old website has been around for a while. In that time it earned credibility with Google. But your old website is just that, old. Your new website represents the future of your business, product, or story. The most recommended way to give your old site's authority to  your new site is with a 301 redirect.

How to Do a 301 Redirect

Here is a video on how to do a 301 redirects for a wordpress website:

Best 301 Tutorials on the web

I collected these links from all over the web. If you need an entire site or even a single page redirected, the type of redirect required depends on the server and the website. "19 percent of the web runs on Word" according to It's safe to assume you have a Wordpress site, if so, I would recommend the wordpress link. Even if you want to use Apache or Java or even PHP, there are links for that too. If I'm missing anything let me know.

In general, for 301 I recommend this site. The writer updates his posts regularly and he has a lot of useful tools and information.

The Reason why we 301 

The goal here is to get your new website the authority you already earned with your old site. Cash in with a 301 redirect. If you are unsure how Google will react, let me assure you they encourage this. In almost every case, this is helpful. Unless your old site is flagged in some way, there is no reason not to 301 redirect. The Page Rank Google gives you from a 301 redirect is almost identical to the Page Rank lost when a site links to you.  According to Matt Cutts, Google's head of Web Spam, a 301 redirect "is like having a link to your website". Watch the video below to see what else Matt Cutts has to say about 301 and how it changes your Page Rank.




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5 SEO Tips for Optimizing Local Search

5 SEO Optimization Tips for Local Search

The objective is not to “make your links appear natural”; the objective is that your links are natural.
— Matt Cutts, Google's Head of Webspam

SEO Tips to Optimize for Local Search

Here are 5 tips for your business to get the most out of local search. 

  1. Build your business profile on Google Places – If you haven't already done so, set up a Google Places account.  You're going to want to check that all your information is identical to your website, social media, and any directories you may be listed under. We recommend including pictures, discounts, product information and especially Youtube videos about your business. If you know what keywords you're trying to rank for on your website, be sure to include them in your description. Don't jam as many as you can in there. Choose only a few. Don't forget: set up similar accounts on Yahoo Local & Bing Local. Here's a Bonus that not a lot of people know, making a Google Places profile enables your business to appear for Google+ Local mobile searches. Yeah, we know. It's AWESOME.

  2. Where are you? – Be sure to optimize for geo-specific keywords. Does your business operate in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Don't just stop at the surface, include city names in your h1, h2, meta tags, and all of your copy.

  3. Get Ranked – Positive reviews on your website or sites like Yelp go a long way with Google and other search engines. Take out your phone and search for a restaurant you like, odds are you will see a yelp or Google review on there.  Google sees positive reviews like a guiding beacon of truthy hope. Offer prizes and promotions to make sure your customers let you know how they feel about your service.

  4. Be in reputable online directories – Search engines respect a number of reputable online directories. It's pretty easy to get listed and it helps you build links to your website. These directories make it easy for searchers and search engines to find and verify your local business info.

  5. Social media and SEO – Social media is often neglected in small businesses. But it can be used to build a community that cares about who you are and what you're doing. What you may not know is social media improves local search. Social media has been proven to help your SERP rankings. We recommend you beef up your social media, especially Google Plus,  as it can help any business looking to improve its online presence.

Get Started Today

We know you're just as excited as we are about the potential of local search. We included a list of directories and websites your business should be listed on. Try to do at least three. Do all and you'll be the envy of all the jocks and cool kids in your town.

Local search is waiting for you. The results, especially for small businesses, can be significant. You'll see increased site traffic and even online sales (if that's your thing). We hope these 5 SEO tips for optimizing for local search have helped you. Let us know if you know of any additional tips for optimizing for local search. 


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